Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS

Now a day’s most important challenge in front of us is, How to improve our sales. Payment Gateway Integration is the one of the most effective solution for this.

Divine Soft is providing the best alert platform for marketing, In which Bulk SMS is one of them. Bulk SMS is also known as Promotional SMS. By the help of Bulk SMS you will always in touch with your customers. Using Bulk SMS will have an direct impact in your sales. Use Bulk SMS to not only engage your existing customers but also drive new business to your company. If you have something of value to offer your customers, they will spread the word to family, friends and colleagues. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and Bulk SMS promotes this with instant communication. More than 2000+ customers are using our Bulk SMS Services in India and World wide.

Here is the list of Major Sectors we are serving Promotional SMS :

  • Health Care Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Government
  • Marketing
  • IT/ Software
  • Retail
  • E-commerce
  • Education
  • Stock Market

Features of Promotional SMS

  • Delivery Time : 9am to 9pm
  • DND Numbers : Automatically filtered.
  • Campaign option : Data provided at extra cost.
  • Sender ID : Dynamic Numeric Sender ID.
  • Gateway Options : High Priority SMS Gateway and Normal SMS Gateway.
  • Multiple SMS Gateway : Automatically assigned to all clients.
  • Set up Cost : Zero Charges.

4 Major Benefits of Promotional SMS :

  • Great Channel to Engage and Build Genuine Customer
  • Generate Words of Mouth by Instant Communication
  • Fast and Cost Effective Solution to reach Maximum Customer
  • Benefits in Marketing Campaigning